Tim Hetherington's 'Diary'
Tim Hetherington's 'Diary'

Cinema Eye names the ten finalists for its 2013 Outstanding Short Film Award, as chosen by a committee of international film festival programmers. The nonfiction films are listed below. Five of the finalists will be announced as nominees in October, prior to the 6th Annual Cinena Eye Honors in January. This will be the third year Cinama Eye recognizes nonfiction shorts with an award. Past recipients of the award include Tim Hetherington's "Diary" and Vance Malone's "The Poodle Trainer."

The ten finalists are:

Aaron Burr, Part 2 (USA), directed by Dana O’Keefe
CatCam (USA), directed by Seth Keal
Cutting Loose (Scotland)
directed by Finlay Pretsell and Adrian McDowall
Family Nightmare (USA), directed by Dustin Guy Defa
Fanuzzi’s Gold (USA)
, directed by Georgia Gruzen
Good Bye Mandima (Kwa Heri Mandima) (Switzerland), directed by Robert-Jan Lacombe
Grandmothers (Abuelas) (UK), directed by Afarin Eghbal
Into the Middle of Nowhere (UK), directed by Anna Francis Ewert
Meaning of Robots (USA)
, directed by Matt Lenski
Paradise (Paraiso) (USA), directed by Nadav Kurtz