Thompson on Hollywood

The American Society of Cinematographers nominees are revealing. Again, the group is rewarding movies that are big and visual:

Matthew Libatique, “Black Swan”
Wally Pfister, “Inception”
Danny Cohen, “The King’s Speech”
Jeff Cronenweth, “The Social Network”
Roger Deakins, “True Grit” (pictured)

While the Directors Guild left out True Grit, this group includes the western along with the DGA's four films. Thus frequent Coens collaborator Deakins--who is highly regarded and has often been nominated by the ASC and the Oscars twice in one year, thus splitting the vote--got in and The Fighter, which was favored by the DGA, did not. Deakins has been nominated for eight Oscars and never won. He could win this year. Talking heads movies like The Kids Are All Right would tend not to be honored by this gang.