Thompson on Hollywood

On May 24, the Academy will host "Cinematography in the Digital Age" at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater, with host (and Short Films and Feature Animation Branch governor) Bill Kroyer. Onstage discussions with cinematographers and other industry pros will look at the opportunities and challenges with technological advancements, from visual effects and motion capture to animation. Among those participating are Oscar-winning cinematographers Guillermo Navarro (Pan’s Labyrinth, 2006) and Dean Semler (Dances With Wolves, 1990) as well as How to Train Your Dragon directors Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois (who will talk about working with cinematographer Roger Deakins on their film), and recorded words from last year's Oscar winning cinematographer, Wally Pfister (Inception).

This event is open to the public. Here's more.

[Image: AMPAS]