The plot of "Branded" (Roadside Attractions, September 7), is grandiose, even absurd. A marketing guru figures out that advertising has altered people's brains, so he attempts to dismantle the marketing machine.

Check out the strange imagery in the trailer and clips below.

In a metatwist… the advertising campaigns for the film are part of the film's commentary.  In an interview with Wired, co-director/co-writer Jamie Bradshaw explained: "I want people to really experience the advertising campaign for the film, the social media part of the campaign and the film itself as different parts of the same work of art." The film's marketing has been fueled with fake company logos and lots of QR codes - all part of the director's commentary.

"Branded" stars Ed Stoppard, Jeffrey Tambor, Leelee Sobieski and Max von Sydow.