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'Cloud Atlas' Review and Roundup: And Now for Something Completely Different

Photo of Anne Thompson By Anne Thompson | Thompson on Hollywood September 14, 2012 at 1:29PM

One Toronto movie met mixed response but was a delirious joyride for me: "Cloud Atlas." Truth is, except for the flat "V for Vendetta" and the final pixel-fucked "Matrix" movie, I've admired all of the Wachowskis' output, even "Speed Racer." These filmmakers have it all: strong writing chops, an instinct for entertaining audiences, and compelling visual style.
Lana and Andy Wachowski
The New Yorker Lana and Andy Wachowski

Guardian: "At 163 minutes Cloud Atlas carries all the marks of a giant folly, and those unfamiliar with the book will be baffled. Yet it's hard to wholly condemn the directors' ambition - this is fast-paced and cleverly assembled, with the best of the performances shining through the prosthetics (Hugh Grant makes great play of the clutch of villains he's dealt). The Tykwer/Wachowski collective offer everything here. Chances are there's something in the hodgepodge for you."

HitFix: "These stories push moral and ethical buttons in some unusual and even oblique ways, and there is plenty of room in the film for every viewer to have a different experience with what they see.  There's a sense of trust on the part of the filmmakers that the audience will be willing to work for the pleasures that are strewn throughout, and there's also a deeply heartfelt optimism even in the film's darkest moments that makes it stand apart from the typical dystopian vision of most modern science fiction."

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