Thompson on Hollywood

Isaac Marion's novel Warm Bodies is being adapted for Summit by writer-director Jonathan Levine (The Wackness) and is set to star Nicholas Holt and Theresa Palmer. Here are details on the zombie-drama. Marion speaks with the press:

He wasn't involved with casting Hoult and Palmer, but says; "I totally approve of their choices, which is convenient. If I had hated them I don't know what would have happened...I think both of them will be great in those roles." Does he want to be on set? You bet: "I want to be around as much as possible, I don't really have anything else to do." When the times come to see his novel up on the big screen: "That will be a terrifying moment...I think it will be better to be around crowds [than to watch it alone]."

Marion knows that all things supernatural are currently hot-ticket items: "There's is a fascination with supernatural creatures in general. I always have been fascinated with that stuff...I've seen a lot of articles, lots of deep psychological perspectives [as to why]...I guess there's a general sense of impending doom and panic in the world [like the economy, the environment]'s kind of you and your friends against the world."

Production on Warm Bodies kicks off this fall.