Mark Duplass and 'Creep' gang
Mark Duplass and 'Creep' gang

Review roundup and flipcam interview below: 

Austin Chronicle:

“It’s an intimate, found-footage film that still manages to hit all the classic horror beats… Despite the found-footage format, the camera’s point-of-view doesn’t feel forced, and the interactions seem natural. This speaks to the strength of Brice and Duplass’ performances and the film’s pacing, which continuously grounds the film using classic genre tropes."

@erik davis of tweet 

CREEP is equal parts funny and disturbing. I could watch @MarkDuplass play this character for hours. So nutty & oddly charming #sxsw

Alex Williams of Daily Texan tweet

CREEP: what a fitting title. Smart, unsettling, and refreshingly self-aware. Makes great use of Duplass' likable earnestness. #SXSW