Tom Cruise battles to save Earth in 'Oblivion.'
Tom Cruise battles to save Earth in 'Oblivion.'

I continue to be optimistic about the new Tom Cruise movie from Joseph Kosinski, sci-fi actioner "Oblivion," even though the director's debut film was 2010 "TRON: Legacy." Why the optimism? Well, given that it was the videogame pioneer's first film under a neophyte management team at Disney, he did OK.

He clearly has visual chops--aided here by "Life of Pi" Oscar-winning cinematographer Claudio Miranda. Kosinski wrote the graphic novel on which the movie is based with Arvid Nelson, and co-wrote the script with William Monahan ("The Departed"). Michael Arndt ("Toy Story 3," "Little Miss Sunshine") also reportedly gave the script a polish. Monahan and Arndt are both excellent scribes. Olga Kurylenko, Morgan Freeman, Andrea Riseborough and Melissa Leo also star. The parts of the film that weren't created in a computer were shot near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Check out the new featurette on Yahoo! Movies, with interviews with Cruise and Kosinski and clips from a visual effects spectacle; the first track from a score penned by French indie electronic group M83 was also released this week.

Slated for a wide release on April 19, “Oblivion” stars Cruise as Jack Harper, a soldier part of a “mop-up crew” on a post-apocalyptic, war-ravaged Earth. A “futuristic blue collar guy,” as Cruise puts it, Harper is one of the last humans remaining after an alien race half-destroyed the evacuated planet.

Watch the trailer for “Oblivion” below: