First GQ and EW, now Vanity Fair. If you were the editor of a major magazine, I think you'd want Twilight star Rob Pattinson for your cover, too. He's booked for Vanity Fair in the fall, around the November release of New Moon. On Twitter, Pattinson fans track his every move and flick of an eyelash, from Rome to New York. Bruno is a fan too. He fantasizes about almost landing on Pattinson at the MTV Movie Awards, below.


NYmag.com asks, Would you vote for Alec Baldwin? The 30 Rock star and frequent Huffington Post blogger is sounding dangerously close to making a political bid. It's not a question of how smart or knowledgeable he is. Am I crazy, or is Baldwin way too emotional and volatile and actory to be taken seriously as a candidate?

John Wayne's last performance in a movie is not True Grit The Shootist, it turns out, but an indie sci-fi western, Thunder Rider of the Golden West, that is finally going to be released.