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Casting Watch: Portman vs. Rapace for Scott's Alien Prequel, The Raven Replaces Renner with Evans

by Sophia Savage
October 13, 2010 8:02 AM
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Thompson on Hollywood

Twentieth Century Fox is happy with Damon Lindelof's (Lost co-creator) screenplay for Ridley Scott's Alien prequel, and Vulture has a few tidbits to share.

One "insider" puts the budget between $150-$160 million, noting minimal set and special effects requirements and maximum plot creativity instead. Several actresses have met with Scott to talk about playing a planet colony military leader. Two are going to be duking it out for the role: Natalie Portman and Noomi Rapace. And while many consider this an Alien reboot, one Vulture source insists that "this [film] returns the franchise to its root"--meaning a suspenseful horror, not an action film--and should be considered the director's second Alien film, free of Predator creatures but, according to Scott, thoroughly "tough" and "really nasty." Both Portman and Rapace could pull this off, and it's no surprise that they are top choices for Scott or Fox. Vote for which one you'd like to see after the jump.

Another upcoming suspense pic is James McTeigue's movie based on Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven. Star John Cusack, playing Poe, will be joined by Luke Evans (Tamara Drewe) and Alice Eve (She's Out of My League). Evans will play the detective friend to Poe, a role previously occupied by Jeremy Renner before he landed himself in Mission: Impossible 4. Eve plays Poe's fiance, who is kidnapped by a murderer inspired by Poe's own stories. The Raven starts shooting in Budapest and Serbia (in the role of Baltimore circa 1849) on October 25.

Portman vs. Rapace:

Who would you like to see in the Alien prequel?
Natalie Portman
Noomi Rapace
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  • CO | December 19, 2010 5:14 AMReply

    Noomi deserves the Oscar for Best Actress. Her Lisbeth was perfection. She captivated many hearts with her performance. Many have been re-energized by Noomi’s Lisbeth, and the trilogy should become a classic worldwide due to her acting. Hollywood voters should be fair and avoid playing American favorites or let’s protect the U.S. version of the films. Film lovers worldwide connected with Lisbeth due to Noomi’s acting strength in a very difficult trilogy, and that acting deserves the Oscar for Best Actress.

  • Sergio | October 13, 2010 9:27 AMReply

    But supposedly the Alien film will be rated PG-13, so what's the point of making them? I CAN'T stand these gutless horror films made for children and the overly sensitive.

    Oh yeah if I had to choose between the two I'll go with Rapace. Though my choice would be Freema Agyeman from BBC's Dr. Who and Torchwood series

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