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Daily Read: Shutter Island Reaction, Tarantino Goes West, Smith Fights Southwest

by Amy Dawes
February 16, 2010 2:33 AM
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Thompson on Hollywood

In case some of these stories got past you, Amy Dawes rounds up the day's industry news:

While confessing to some fatigue at its length, Screen's Tim Grierson generally raves about the pulpy thrills of Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island, which premiered out of competition Saturday at the Berlin film festival and opens Feb. 19 stateside. But New York Magazine's David Edelstein calls it a long slog, and Emanuel Levy finds it similarly overwrought. In case you've somehow avoided it, here's the trailer.

More pulp pleasures lie ahead if Quentin Tarantino succeeds in making his next project a raucously re-imagined 'slavery Western,' or as he predicts he might call it, 'a Southern.' And John Edwards' campaign trail cocksmanship will spin boxoffice turnstyles as well as dirty laundry cycles if Ari Emanuel has his way.

Thompson on Hollywood
What with studios slashing their output, there's sunshine in the forecast for independent filmmakers, thinks Mike Goodridge at Screen Daily, though skeptics will find room to dispute that.

And in social media news, the never-shy filmmaker Kevin Smith got good results pronto when he tweeted his predicament to Southwest officials after he got booted from a flight for being too wide for a single seat. No word on whether, as a "passenger of size," he had to buy two seats on that later excursion.

"If I had to choose between this movie and televised golf, I'd watch the emergency broadcast system," says's Brendan McGinley about Benicio del Toro-starrer The Wolfman, which nonetheless scared up an estimated $36.5 mllion for a robust third-place opening during the long President's Day weekend. Critical slings and arrows were apparently no match for Cupid's, as the top draw was the much-derided Valentine's Day, crushing all comers with an estimated $67 mil.

And Vera Fermiga, who stole America's heart in Up In The Air, may next play the American socialite who led England's King Edward VIII to abdicate his throne in a movie that Madonna plans to direct.


  • zyg | February 16, 2010 11:43 AMReply

    i've always felt weird about shutter island. it just doesn't seem to have a draw on an audience. it's also difficult to peg just what audience this picture targets.

    it seems creepy but too smart. now, critics are noting the movie is something of an endurance test. so, smart...for a long time, but still creepy.

    i'll study every frame -- it's scorsese -- but just don't feel SI will do well

  • DavidC | February 16, 2010 10:42 AMReply

    Can't help wondering what bearing, if any, the apparently abandoned Elmore Leonard adaptation "40 Lashes Less One" has on the "slavewery Western."

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