Montgomery Clift
Montgomery Clift

10.                  What do these have in common: Anna, Camille Javal, Jim and Junior?
11.                  Who played Elvira Puccini, Mary Queen of Scots and Henrietta Browning?
12.                  Who played Napoleon, Kristo and Ben Yussuf?
13.                  Who filmed the Galveston flood, a retreat from Moscow and the essential song?
14.                  Name three left-handed actresses.
15.                  Name three films where people have fun in small boats, and three where the experience turns tragic.
16.                  What happened to Loretta, Red Lightning and Brewster?
17.                   Name films in which these rivers participate: the Ouse, the Blackfoot, the Ganges, the Tennessee, the Seine.
18.                  Who said:  “I played the Advocate.”, “Nobody forgets Nixon, and it wasn’t so long ago.”, “Free of income tax, old man”, “Has anyone ever told you that you overplay your roles rather severely?”?
19.                  Who were patients to these doctors: Dr Jaquith,  Dr Kelekian, Alex Linden, Dr Larsen, Dr Alex Brooks, Dr Lewicki
20.                  He played Cardinal Danaher,  a munitions expert who stammered, a senior fire operative and Bob Assingham
21.                  Who stayed at the Hotel de la Gloria?
22.                  What did these women have in common: Gabrielle Gerard, Jo Stockton, Maria Acuna, Penny Carroll, Dale Tremont?
23.                  In what film does the business of Thomas Crapper appear?
24.                  Could it have been Mary Pickford and Montgomery Clift?
25.                  Who set sail on the Santa Maria and bumped into the horizon?
26.                  William Katt, Laurence Olivier and Mandy Patinkin – what do they share?
27.                  Who taught Aeschylus’s Agamemnon, the talking treatment, psychology and the Song of Songs, how to fold a napkin, and mathematics at Princeton?
28.                  What film did Mary Sinclair do so much to fund and produce?
29.                  Name  film titles composed of three adverbs, two and one.
30.                  Who was Nabby,  Maren Hontvedt and Nicole and will soon be herself?