Film Critic Edelstein Unleashes Angry Tirade Against Talking and Texting in Movie Theaters (ALAMO VIDEOS)

by Beth Hanna
June 26, 2013 3:16 PM
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David Edelstein
The war on texters and talkers in movie theaters rages on. Today film critic David Edelstein published an angry and admirably unhinged piece on Vulture describing his recent experience at a BAMCinematek screening of "Mother of George," which he calls a lyrical, meditative -- and largely quiet -- film. Unfortunately, a couple behind him wouldn't stop yapping. He calls them "the Ugly Couple," which is a bit ad-hominem, but an attitude it's hard not to secretly sympathize with if you've ever had to endure someone's unwanted running conversation or illuminated smartphone screen during a movie.

Edelstein admits he ultimately "threw a fit -- just lost it" when the couple wouldn't shut up. He also throws a bit of a fit spontaneously in the piece:

It was like this. These two … persons, a man and a woman (God, I’m so angry I wanna just go LN26IRTUV3C55CUXWX11111!!!!!11#$%Y###%$#W####SDGZ) who happened to be sitting behind me decided to keep up a running conversation during the film — a lyrical, meditative, exquisitely photographed portrait of the Brooklyn-based Nigerian community and what happens when a young wife is unable to conceive a child.

He then asks two questions. First, has culture become "so private" that people don't know how to act considerately in public? (Hard to know what he means by private: Social media-leaning? Home-viewing inclined?) And second, do theater managers feel it's their obligation to stop talking and texting in its irritating tracks? Certain theaters, particularly the Alamo Drafthouse but also the Landmark, are more proactive on this front.

Speaking of the Alamo, see their hilarious No Talking video from a few years ago, as well as a more recent plea from Nicolas Winding Refn of "Only God Forgives" fame:

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1 Comment

  • Ed | June 26, 2013 3:47 PMReply

    Thank you, David Edelstein! There are many a times when I wish I could vent some of that same frustration after going to the movies.

    And that Alamo Drafthouse ad was simply.... AMAZING!

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