Thompson on Hollywood

Angelina Jolie, who remains attached to star in Maleficent, still lacks a director. Tim Burton bowed out in May, making room for David O. Russell and others to be considered by Disney. Russell was available for consideration after parting ways with Columbia Pictures over creative differences on the video game adaptation Unchartered Drake's Fortune (for which the director also drafted a script).

Russell is also prepping The Silver Lining Playbook with Mark Wahlberg, for which he'd also like to cast Jolie. He tells Vulture:

"Angelina would really be awesome. I think Angelina would love to be in it, but I don't know if that'll happen because of some conflicts in scheduling and other stuff. But I love her and I've loved talking to her about several projects...I think that she's a loaded weapon and ready to be deployed." If that phallic symbolism isn't a sign of Russell's affection for Jolie than we don't know what is.

Jolie, meanwhile, wants to nab David Fincher for Cleopatra, but that's still to be confirmed. And then of course Jolie has a Salt sequel in development, for which there's no script or confirmed director (it won't be Salt director Phillip Noyce). Who doesn't want to direct Jolie?