Ondi Timoner
Ondi Timoner

Playing the Kickstarter game is one of many skills today's filmmakers need in order to flourish. But that's only one of the things doc veteran Ondi Timoner wants her fellow filmmakers to learn: she's let the world know that Tuesday April 9 is the launch day for the Kickstarter campaign for "A Total Disruption."

For the last year and a half, two-time Sundance award-winner Timoner ('Dig!," "We Live in Public") has been using the web portal A Total Disruption as an archive for sharing stories about technology and innovation from the front lines of the tech revolution, interviewing over 300 players in the field, she explains in an email:

"We interview visionaries and entrepreneurs in the tech space - like the founders of Reddit and BitTorrent - and tell emotional, humanizing stories. What we're trying to do is document the tech revolution - but instead of doing a film over 10 years, I'm releasing a short film every week.

To date, we have 50 episodes online and literally hundreds of hours of amazing uncut interviews that need financing in order to bring to the public. With the funds we raise, we will not only continue to create these inspiring episodes, but will create a searchable online database of all of our content for the world to enjoy and learn from to achieve their own dreams.

We're also going to kick off two new series, one on female entrepreneurs called Women 3.0, and another on disrupter musician Amanda Palmer, following her as she tears across the globe on her crowdfunded world tour, redefining the rules of engagement. We have several luminaries and top entrepreneurs/innovators contributing their time on the phone as perks, and we're offering a chance to join our film crew for a day as we shoot Amanda Palmer... "

The Kickstarter campaign is designed to continue to fund this effort as it heads toward possible television series and documentaries. Besides the interviews on the site with Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman of Reddit and Bram Cohen of BitTorrent are Kevin Systrom of Instagram, Tony Hsieh of Zappos, and Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn. Episode “The Startup Life” covers new start-up companies that are living on the edge, while “Wizard” follows tech successes, and “The Future is Now” covers inventions that turn sci-fi tech concepts and aesthetics into reality.

Timoner has more from her 300 interviews that she has yet to post and others that she still wants to do; she seeks to create an online database and an "outlet for top thinkers to share their ideas with the world, as well as a resource for the many entrepreneurs and innovators now and to come."