JGL on set of 'Don Jon's Addiction'
Via hitRECord: Gordon-Levitt on the set of my 'Don Jon's Addiction'

Just because Relativity is opening writer-filmmaker Joseph Gordon-Levitt's feature directing debut, anti-porn romantic comedy "Don Jon's Addiction," on October 18 doesn't mean that they're going for an awards push. For one thing, they've committed to going wide, and for another, it's always foolish, in my view, to wear your hopes on your sleeve.


Far better to let the critics say what it is or isn't. The portrait of a blue collar sex-addicted New Jersey bartender (JGL) trying to give up porn for his first love (Scarlett Johannson) has already played well at Sundance, Berlin and SXSW; building more positive buzz is always a good plan. Going out October 18 is more about the fall smart-movie corridor, when it's easy to hit regional festivals and a heavy screening program in colleges when kids are back in school. 

"The last thing we are thinking is an award push," producer Ram Bergman responds via email. "We just want to make sure that we get the film in front of the right audience."

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