Zoe Lund in "Ms. 45"
Zoe Lund in "Ms. 45"

Drafthouse Films has snapped up North American rights to Abel Ferrara's 1981 classic revenge thriller "Ms. 45," which follows a mute garment seamstress (the late Zoe Lund) who starts a homicidal rampage against the NYC male population after she's fallen victim to one too many assaults. 

The film has been remastered in HD from original negative materials, and will hit theaters in December, followed by an uncut DVD and Blu-ray release.

Here's a bit more about Ferrara ("Bad Lieutenant," "King of New York") and "Ms. 45":

Fiercely independent auteur Abel Ferrara debuted with the infamous 1979 D.I.Y. cult classic The Driller Killer, which established his signature fusion of NYC, despair, calculated stylish flourishes and idiosyncratic humor. Two years later, his follow-up feature Ms. 45 starred the then 18-year-old Zoë Lund, and explored similar themes while executing a uniquely feminist entry in the urban revenge subgenre. In Brad Stevens’ biography “Abel Ferrara: The Moral Vision”, Ferrara recalls of the film, “it shook people up to see an innocent person like themselves suddenly becoming a wanton murderer.” Combining the rampaging angst of 1976’s Death Wish and Roman Polanski’s surreal, post-traumatic Repulsion, Ms. 45 returns from the cult underground over 30 years later to reclaim its title as perhaps the most shocking, complex and empowering vigilante film of the 1980s.

To whet your appetite, here's the vintage 1981 trailer for the film: