Duplass Brothers
Art Steiber for the New York Times

They call each other Dupes and keep their brotherly spirit at the fore.  In a New York Times Magazine profile of the Mark and Jay Duplass, Gavin Edwards details the pair's evolution from a budget of $3 (2002's "This is John") to $40 million comedies. Their partnership is thrilling to watch (our video interview with Jay and Mark here).  As Edwards writes, "While rock ’n’ roll brothers (the Davies, the Gallaghers) seem to thrive on fistfights, filmmaking brothers (the Coens, the Farrellys) often achieve a state of mind-meld." 

The brothers have directed five feature films together in the past seven years, most recently "Jeff, Who Lives at Home."  Their latest film, "The Do-Deca-Pentathlon," features a pair of brothers who engage each other in a 25-event competition; the silliness of each event is matched by how seriously each brother takes it.  "The Do-Deca-Pentathlon" premieres July 6.