Texting in theaters

The Dutch are giving the highly contentious texting-in-theaters issue a whole new spin. Shooting began this week for the new thriller "APP," which will be the first film in the world to synchronize a parallel storyline via app content to be accessed while in the movie theater.

While the sight of glowing smartphone screens is often infuriating and distracting, it will be reappropriated as a necessary component of the "APP" moviegoing experience, as codes and cryptic texts that the film's heroine receives will also appear on audience members' small screens throughout the theater.

Music video director Bobby Boermans is directing the film, from a script by Robert A. Jansen. Whether or not Boermans will be the sole "director" of the second-screen application to accompany the film is unclear. The director and Jansen collaborated last year for the thriller "Claustrofobia."

"APP" will hit theaters in the Netherlands in February 2013. Here's the official synopsis:

In the thriller APP, Anna (Hannah Hoekstra), a young student, gets caught up in her own virtual world. She is addicted to apps, social media and her smartphone. One day Anna discovers a mysterious new app on her phone. It has the answer to every question. Not just scientific questions, but also about her personal life and her friends. When the app starts sending her cryptic texts and codes connected to the sudden and strange deaths of people around her, it becomes evident that it is not just a handy app.