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Oscar Watch: Ed Harris Talks Challenges of The Way Back

by Anne Thompson
November 18, 2010 2:45 AM
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Thompson on Hollywood

The Race thinks Ed Harris has a shot at a supporting actor Oscar for his role as the sole American Siberian Gulag escapee in The Way Back. So do I---as I told Kris Tapley in our recent Oscar Talk (I have now added Harris to my Oscar Predicts Chart).

Why? Because as director Peter Weir told me the other night after an all-Guild screening in Sherman Oaks, Harris has an iconic masculine American grace. The camera loves him; he brings something extra to everything he does. In a large ensemble that Weir did not permit star turns, Harris provides the emotional spine. The Way Back is a long, long trek movie--across mountains and deserts and through clouds of mosquitoes. Subtly and sturdily, Harris carries the picture. "There's a lack of sentimentality," says Harris. "There's never an emotional release of any kind. It's about the group dynamic, the survival."

Besides, Harris is due: he's been nominated four times and never won, once for Weir's own The Truman Show.

Check out my flip-cam interview with Harris at L'Ermitage below.

Part One:






  • Koto | November 19, 2010 3:54 AMReply

    Thanks for posting this interview. Althouh I have problem with hearing English,it seems like it's a great interview.I hope "The Way Back" will survive Oscar race.

    (And I just hope you also interview Jim Sturgess someday,Anne.He is very talented.And you realized his potential very early.It's your March 2008 article about Jim.I love this article.

    Please allow me for writing about Sturgess more in here.. Scott Feinberg tweeted like this,
    "[i]Just ended interview with Jim Sturgess (THE WAY BACK) -- couldn't ask for nicer/humbler guy. He went through some crazy shit for that movie! [/i]
    12:18 PM Nov 17th Twitter for BlackBerry®から"
    I can telll everyone met Jim said nothing but a nice thing.I think you will understand me,if you met him,Anne.)

  • Keil Shults | November 18, 2010 8:40 AMReply

    I, like most people, have not seen this movie yet. Most casual moviegoers have never even heard of it. I'm worried it's going to be one of those films that drifts by unnoticed, only to be discovered on glorious Blu-ray months later, leaving voters and home viewers asking, "How the hell did this slip past us?"

    Then again, who knows? Maybe I'll finally see it and find it mediocre.

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