Elizabeth Banks

Actress/comedian Elizabeth Banks ("30 Rock," "The Hunger Games") has blogged in response to Nikki Finke's comment at the Emmys that "beautiful actresses are not funny," with a post entitled "Ugly or pretty has nothing to do with funny." Finke made her comment about women in comedy in her "Live-Snarking The 64th Emmys" post just after Julie Bowen's "Modern Family" win.

According to Finke, comedy is "all about emotional pain and humiliation and rising above both by making people laugh with you instead of at you," thus suggesting that only "ugly" women have access to emotional pain and humiliation.  Not so, writes Banks, who "walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper on my shoe just this morning. And Sophia Vergara split her dress last night. And that really made me laugh."

Banks adds: "Wouldn't it be great if older, more experienced women like Ms. Finke were kinder to her fellow females in the entertainment business? She might do more for our cause."