Game of Thrones

"Game of Thrones" fans are champing at the bit for the third season of their beloved fantasy saga to come back to HBO (March 31). EW's preview promises tabloid-worthy twists and thrills. Just as the first two seasons were jampacked with astonishing deaths and horrifying betrayals, Season 3 will continue to deliver all the expected shocks.

"Game of Thrones" executive story editor Bryan Cogman told EW: "Emotionally, this season really goes for the jugular." He didn't need to tell us it would also literally go for the jugular, but he added that just in case.

EW interviews cast members, producers, and the creator of this gorgeously haunted world, George R. R. Martin. Their feature promises to be spoiler free, but does explore the future of what EW calls "HBO’s beautiful dark twisted fantasy."