The Retrieval

Check out this clip from "The Retrieval," an African-American Civil War drama having its world premiere in the SXSW Narrative Competition section on March 11. The film is directed by Texan helmer Chris Eska, whose "August Evening" took home the John Cassavetes Award at the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards.

Here's more on the film:

Set during the Civil War, "The Retrieval" follows a fatherless 13 year-old boy sent north by his bounty hunter gang on a dangerous mission to retrieve a wanted man under false pretense. During their journey towards the unwitting wanted man’s reckoning, the initially distant pair develops unexpected emotional bonds, forming a surrogate father-son relationship.  As his feelings grow, the boy is consumed by conflicting emotions and a gut-wrenching ultimate decision: betray the father figure he’s finally found or risk being killed by his gang for insubordination. 

 Shot amid the stunning natural landscapes of Texas, filmmaker Chris Eska, (writer/director of the critical hit August Evening) has crafted a moral fable about loyalty, family, and the universality of the human experience.