A detail from the "Moonrise Kingdom" fan art by mailyillustration
Moonrise Kingdom Tumblr A detail from the "Moonrise Kingdom" fan art by mailyillustration
Moonrise Kingdom fan art #3

Aspiring artists and "Moonrise Kingdom" fans, take note: The Wes Anderson film's official Tumblr page is hosting a contest for the best "For Your Consideration" fan art, with the winner receiving a prize of $500.

More than one winner can be selected, and may have her or his art showcased during the ongoing Oscar campaign for the film.

Submissions are due by November 26, with winners announced November 30. All rules and guidelines are here.

Fan art flourished during the initial theatrical run of "Moonrise Kingdom," inspiring this new contest. Above and right, some impressive examples from mailyillustration, andrew-yorke and oh-deir, respectively.

Moonrise Kingdom fan art #2

Meanwhile, Anderson is gearing up for his next film, "Grand Budapest Hotel." Though Anderson is fairly mum on the project, the cast reportedly includes Bill Murray, Jude Law, Ralph Fiennes and Jason Schwartzman, with Edward Norton, Jeff Goldblum, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe and Owen Wilson circling. The director told the LA Times that the story takes place "about 85 years ago," and is partly inspired by "Hollywood Europe," of the kind perfected by screwball director Ernst Lubitsch, "like 'To Be or Not to Be,' the Lubitsch with Carole Lombard, that Europe which is not made in Europe at all." (Lubitsch famously quipped: "I've been to Paris, France, and I've been to Paris, Paramount. I think I prefer Paris, Paramount.")

We're there.