WHEN I WAS A BOY (1993, B&W, 5 min.)

Written, edited, and produced by Matthew Modine

Directed by Matthew Modine and Todd Field

Some boys grow up to be men and some things never change. This is the first short film co-directed by Matthew Modine and Todd Field (In The Bedroom, Little Children) for their production company, Mercury Film.

SMOKING (1995, Color, 14 min.)

Produced and directed by Matthew Modine

Written and narrated by David Sedaris

Matthew Modine directed this short film based on the diary of writer/humorist David Sedaris (originally produced for National Public Radio by Ira Glass). The story follows a man trying to enjoy his smoking habit in a world that no longer tolerates it. The film humorlessly examines freedoms of behavior and personal choice.

ECCE PIRATE (1996, B&W, 21 min.)

Written, photographed, and directed By Matthew Modine

A young boys life is changed when he's kidnapped by sea pirates. A prisoner on board their ship, he learns to accept that his life will never be the same. As he grows older and wiser he becomes ECCE PIRATE, king of all he chooses to reign!

TO KILL AN AMERICAN (2005, Color, 4 min.)

Written and directed by Matthew Modine

There are people in the world that don't like Americans. There are people in the world that want to kill Americans. This film is designed to help those would be killers identify an American. So they know exactly what an American is.

I THINK I THOUGHT (2007, Color, 7 min.)

"Hey, I think if you think you're thinking too much, you probably are!"

Joe is a thinker in a world that doesn't tolerate analytical thinking. His wife, boss, and friends threaten to divorce, fire, and abandon him if he doesn't stop thinking so much. Luckily, Joe discovers "Thinkers Anonymous" where he learns that "we need those special people from television news and especially our government to tell us how to think. They know what's best for us, and the world." Matthew Modine wrote, co-produced, directed, and stars in this sardonically humorous short film co-produced and shot by Adam McClelland and edited by Terence Ziegler.

JESUS WAS A COMMIE (2011, Color, 15 min.)

Written, co-directed, and starring Matthew Modine, this avant-garde story follows "John Doe" as he examines history and science and whether Jesus might have been a utopian-communist. The film is co-directed and edited by Terence Ziegler and produced by Adam Rackoff.