Thompson on Hollywood

In a wide-ranging discussion about his directing approach on The King's Speech, Tom Hooper talks (in the video below) about framing star Colin Firth in wide-lens close-ups so that there was "nothing between him and the character." He mentions one of the visual themes in the film was finding "a visual analogue to stammering which became about framing Colin in relationship to negative space."

The Weinstein Co., in another example of finding innovative online ways to reach awards voters, is transmitting a live Q & A Thursday night with Firth, Hooper, Helena Bonham-Carter and Claire Bloom from Clapham Picturehouse in London via satellite to 64 theaters across the UK. They will also show it to SAG members only at the Landmark in LA and the Regal E Walk in NY. UPDATE: Here's the live stream and a behind-the-scenes video.

Tom Hooper on shooting style from Weinstein Co on Vimeo.