Following in the footsteps of online film services such as Amazon Studios and Kickstarter, filmmaker platform FilmFunds is moving to expand its reach.

Launched last summer at the Toronto International Film Festival,  FilmFunds offers filmmakers a platform to promote their wares and connect with financiers. The site allows filmmakers to upload their projects so that film fans can sample them, give feedback and vote for favorites. Popular projects can get assistance in a variety of ways, some of which are outlined below. Through FilmFunds, audiences can follow projects from inception to --maybe--the big screen.

Entertainment/tech entrepreneur Jason Scoggins (The Wrap's has signed on as CEO of FilmFunds. He plans to expand the company toward more mainstream film and TV, he says: “I’m really excited about the opportunity to build a site that meets the needs of entertainment pros as well as the needs of movie lovers around the world. Our goal is to make FilmFunds the go-to site for everyone who’s big into movies and TV.”

More on Scoggins and FilmFunds below: