Thompson on Hollywood

As he starts production of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in Stockholm, David Fincher's final cast is looking good. The director told Sweden's SvD that he's added Joely Richardson (Anita Vanger), Steven Berkoff (Frode) and David Dencik (young Detective Morell) to the ensemble led by The Social Network's Rooney Mara (Lisbeth Salander), Daniel Craig (Mikael Blomkvist), Robin Wright (Erika Berger), Christopher Plummer (Henrik Vanger) and Stellan Skarsgard (Martin Vanger).

Fincher told SvD that his version of Dragon Tattoo is not a remake of the Swedish film; it will differ atmospherically, he said, calling it "Swedish Noir." (I've fixed up Google's rough translation from the Swedish):

- Steve Zaillian has written the new screenplay, and he has based it on the [Stieg Larsson] book and made his own version. Sure, there are scenes that will resemble ones in the Swedish film, but it is the book that we are filming.

- I'm looking to try to catch Sweden. I hope I can find an atmosphere reminiscent of "Chinatown."