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Chuck Close Brad Pitt

"They can be rough," Close says. "They have to give up a great deal of vanity to do it. It takes a great deal of generosity and faith on the part of the subject...No hair, no makeup, no wardrobe, pick something, wear it, come in and wear your own hair... It will be shocking to people."

Also inside is a must-read feature about the Cal Arts class that spawned John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Tim Burton and a generation of brilliant animators, a profile of Oscar host Ellen De Generes, James Wolcott on Hollywood's great year at the movies, a slice of old Hollywood from Robert Wagner's memoir, "You Must Remember This: Life and Style from Hollywood's Golden Age," Nate Silver and Bruce Feirstein's very different takes the Oscars, some wondrous classic photos from VF issues past, including current nominees Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio, and a dull as dishwater politically correct Proust questionnaire from Harvey Weinstein, who delivered many of the stars in the issue. Harvey, you can do better than that.