First Look: Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day Lewis on Lincoln Set

by Anne Thompson
December 14, 2011 4:06 PM
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Steven Spielberg with Daniel Day-Lewis on the set of Lincoln. Courtesy the Richmond Times-Dispatch, photo by Thomas Hoffman
One of the issues for the Oscar campaigners behind Steven Spielberg's "War Horse" is that he and his usual crew have been filming "Lincoln" in Richmond, Virginia. Check out this set photo of Spielberg at the State Capitol with Daniel Day- Lewis as President Abraham Lincoln.

Meanwhile, anyone who wants Day-Lewis to consider their project has to sit on their hands until he finishes filming the movie. From the moment he accepts a role until the final day of shooting, he is not to be approached with anything else. His immersion as Lincoln is 100 %. Great beard.

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  • saw see | December 21, 2011 1:35 AMReply

    AS those Siberian winds sweep down over Manchuria
    and North Korea --and ALLL the prison camps, organ
    harcesting ops and enforced EUGENICS 'facilities'
    ----Spielberg's on hand with retreads and PC moral alibis
    as he and Hollywood BALK the staggeringly relevant
    60th Anniversary of the

    ------------------------KOREAN WAR-------------------------.

    "---The list IS alive---' The list of PERPETRATORS that is.

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