Cheerful Weather

Felicity Jones can do Shakespeare ("The Tempest") or indie romance ("Like Crazy"). Warren Beatty cast her in his new Howard Hughes movie--which may or may not get made. Next up: Donald Rice's 1930s  period comedy "Cheerful Weather for the Wedding" debuts at Tribeca on April 20 and seeks a North American distributor. This clip reveals a veddy British ruffling of feathers at a cricket match/garden party.

The movie centers on the marriage of Dolly Thatcham (Jones) at a gorgeous manor house in 1932 England. Hell breaks loose when Dolly meets her lover from a previous summer, Joseph (Luke Treadaway).  Dolly's mother ("Downton Abbey"'s Elizabeth McGovern) tries to smooth things over, while her daughter debates running away with one man or beginning a new life in Argentina with another.