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For Your Streaming Consideration: Eight Scene-Stealing and Overlooked Female Performances from 2013 (CLIPS)

Photo of Ryan Lattanzio By Ryan Lattanzio | TOH! December 9, 2013 at 4:25PM

With many of the major critics' groups nominees and winners landing, and with a Best Actress Oscar race that's virtually locked-and-loaded at this point, there is little hope for any of the year's fine female performances to squeeze in. But these eight actresses deserve kudos, and you can stream their films now. Clips after the jump.
Kristin Scott Thomas in "Only God Forgives."
Kristin Scott Thomas in "Only God Forgives."

Kristin Scott Thomas, "Only God Forgives" (Netflix)
Best Supporting Actress

Kristin Scott Thomas' bitchy nightmare-of-a-mother Crystal would eat Cate Blanchett's Stoli-loving Jasmine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Clad in a Donatella-inspired wig and a spray tan, Scott Thomas leaps far out of her comfort zone -- going so far as to utter the word "cumdumpster" -- to play a modern day Lady Macbeth, but one who is unmoored from guilt. While the scene-chewing role is mostly her spewing vitriol at dopey son Julian (Ryan Gosling), Scott Thomas has never been better. Had more critics and audiences appreciated Nicholas Winding Refn's unfairly trashed blood ballet, she may have stood a chance in the awards race.

Gaby Hoffmann

Gaby Hoffmann, "Crystal Fairy" (Netflix)
Best Supporting Actress

Gaby Hoffmann's manic, hallucinogen-addled turn as the radical Crystal Fairy in Chilean director Sebastian Silva's druggy travelogue apparently got some love this weekend among LA Film Critics in the best supporting actress vote. And it's a shame more voters didn't sing her sweetly neurotic tune in favor of this offbeat indie where she leads a bunch of backpackers (Michael Cera, also good, among them) astray in search of the holy grail of psychotropic substances. Naked in many senses of the word, her frazzled, uninhibited performance is reason alone to see this quirky little movie.

Margarete Tiesel

Margarete Tiesel, "Paradise: Love" (Netflix)
Best Actress

In "Paradise: Love," low-profile Austrian actress Margarete Tiesel inhabits an adorably clueless, overweight tourist of a sex resort in Kenya. A love-it-or-hate-it Cannes competition film in 2012, Ulrich Seidl's dark comedy devotes every frame to her dowdy character, who Tiesel is bravely up to the task of playing in the nude or in unflattering positions. She has this affable, sweet-old-lady charm that she reveals to be a mere husk for a carnal sexuality begging to get out. And by the time she realizes she's been duped by the seductive Kenyan beach bums -- who trick horny, desperate women out of their cash to feed their village-dwelling families -- Tiesel's despair and disbelief will break your heart.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde," Drinking Buddies" (iTunes)
Best Actress

Brainy beauty Olivia Wilde delivered the goods this year with her tiny yet winning role in Spike Jonze's "Her," and as Kate, a romantically confused craft brewery worker in Joe Swanberg's career-best "Drinking Buddies." In that film, you simply fall in love with her as she pratfalls from one awkward moment to the next, considering maybe being more than just friends with Luke (a lovable Jake Johnson). It benefits her greatly that Swanberg loses all that Gen-Y angst in this sweet slice-of-life where Wilde plays a real adult with believable human impulses and tousled charm.

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