'The Hunger Games'

Daniel Craig - $951 million

James Bond has always been popular but no one could have anticipated the success of Skyfall, the 23rd film in the Bond franchise. Until now, 2006's Casino Royale was the highest-grossing Bond film with $600 million at the global box office. Skyfall has surpassed that by $350 million and it is still in theaters.

Robert Pattinson - $793 million

Like costar Kristen Stewart, most of Pattinson's gross comes from the final Twilight movie. But unlike Stewart, Pattinson didn't have another successful film this year to boost his numbers. His two non-Twilight films, Cosmopolis and Bel Ami, earned only $14 million between them.

Taylor Lautner - $779 million

Lautner is the only one of the three Twilight stars to earn all of his box office gross from Twilight this year. The stars last non-Twilight movie, 2011's Abduction, earned $82 million at the global box office.

Andrew Garfield - $752 million

Any concerns about rebooting Spider-Man just five years after the last Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movie were swept away when the new movie earned $752 million at the global box office. The next film is slated for 2014.

Jennifer Lawrence - $748 million

This year the star proved that not only is she a great actress (Hollywood already knew that from the Oscar nominated Winter's Bone) but that she can carry a franchise. The first Hunger Games movie earned $687 million. The rest of her gross comes from the horror film House At The End Of The Street and the recent Silver Linings Playbook.

Will Smith - $624 million

Men In Black might be a little long in the tooth but the third movie was the highest-grossing of the franchise at the global box office. It was the lowest grossing domestically though earning $180 million of its $624 million in the U.S.

Mark Wahlberg - $598 million

One of the most surprising hits of the year was Ted, a comedy about a raunchy teddy bear who comes to life. Ted's $502 million box office gross accounted for most of Whalberg's box office this year. But he also had a small hit with Contraband which brought in $96 million.