On the film's music:

The film's soundtrack takes cues from the quirky New Wave scores of Georges Delerue, who composed music for many French arthouse directors including Godard and Truffaut. One audience member asked if the score was from Truffaut's "Jules and Jim," but Baumbach said he has never even seen that film (hard to believe, since "Frances" really has that earnest, Truffaut feeling).

"I wanted to use music that felt grand and romantic and beautiful and joyful and said, and [Georges Delerue's music] feels that way to me. Once I put it in, I lost the associations with those other movies. I didn't want it to feel like a trick," Baumbach said. "But I felt like the movie could hold it."

In what will likely go down as the most iconic scene from "Frances Ha," Greta Gerwig runs giddily through the streets of New York as David Bowie's anthemic pop song "Modern Love" plays. Baumbach admitted that this was an homage to "Holy Motors" director Leos Carax's 1986 "Mauvais Sang" in which Denis Lavant's character triumphantly skips through a distant-future Paris set to the same tune. "There's no better song to run to," Baumbach said. 

"Frances Ha" opens May 17 in US theaters. Read our TOH! review here.