Hero Complex's Geoff Boucher and Chris Nolan
Hero Complex's Geoff Boucher and Chris Nolan

EW CapeTown Film Festival Schedule of Events - Egyptian Theatre, Los Angeles

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Tuesday, April 30

8:00pm            Iron Man 3 complimentary fan appreciation screening

                      Special guest: Kevin Feige

Wednesday, May 1

7:30pm            Shaun of the Dead

                        Special guest: Edgar Wright

Thursday, May 2

7:30pm           The Thing

                       Special guest: John Carpenter

Friday, May 3

7pm                 Escape from New York

                        Special guest: Kurt Russell

                        Bonus! Advance Screening of TNT’s Falling Skies Season 3 Premiere (show premieres June 9th)

                        Special guest: Noah Wyle

Saturday, May 4

“May the 4th Be With You” Celebration

10am              Return of the Jedi – INVITATION ONLY

  2pm              Return of the Jedi

  6pm              Return of the Jedi

10pm              Return of the Jedi

Sunday, May 5

10am               Despicable Me

1pm                 Coraline

                        Special guests: Neil Gaiman and Travis Knight

4pm                 The Goonies

                        Special guest: Richard Donner

8pm                 Twelve Monkeys

Special guest: Terry Gilliam

The evening with Terry Gilliam is co-presented by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles.

Monday, May 6

7:30pm            Star Trek (2009)

                        Special guest: Leonard Nimoy

EARLIER: Since EW gained former L.A. Times Hero Complex star Geoff Boucher, his new CapeTown blog -- covering all things superhero, genre and fanboy/girl -- has been a huge success, generating 2.5 million page views in its first month, which is close to the number of monthly readers the five-year-old LAT blog gets.

EW continues to push the Capetown blog and brand with the launch of the CapeTown Film Festival;  EW will also put Boucher and Capetown front and center in Hall H at July's Comic-Con convention.

A highlight of the six-day festival and a major programming coup is a screening of "Return of the Jedi" on "Star Wars" day, Saturday, May 4. The screening celebrates the film's 30th anniversary and is one of the few times since the "Star Wars" rereleases in 1997 that moviegoers can see the classic on the big screen. Major "Star Wars" players are expected to participate. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Time Warner is hanging onto its magazines-- as the Meredith deal fell apart-- as it spins them into a separate unit. EW isn't on the chopping block -- yet.