"Only God Forgives"
Radius "Only God Forgives"

Nominations have been revealed for the 2014 Golden Trailer Awards, a celebration of the year's best in motion picture marketing, now in its 15th annual competition. The event goes down May 30 at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. Full nominee list after the jump.

Warner Bros. took the lead in movie marketing this year, with 51 nominations for films including "Gravity, "The Lego Movie," "The Hobbit" and the upcoming "Gozilla." Other trailer nominees reflect this year's awards candidates ("American Hustle," "Wolf of Wall Street"), recent low-key indies ("Ida," "The Past") and even some of its enjoyable schlock ("Oculus," "Only God Forgives").

Some of the best movies of the last year didn't exactly have stellar trailers ("Inside Llewyn Davis," anyone?) while some of the year's more disappointing films were furnished, as they often are, with excellent trailers ("Ain't Them Bodies Saints," one of my personal favorite trailers, below). 

What were your favorite trailers of the last year? Chime in, and watch a few of our favorites below -- many of which came off the festival circuit. (I could watch the original trailer for "Under the Skin" again, and again, and again.)

And for my money, the best trailer of all time may be the one for Todd Field's 2006 "Little Children" -- the perfect blend of eerie portent, momentum-building and a final, explosive montage. Too bad the movie remains so frustrating. Same goes for "Upstream Color" (below.)