Thompson on Hollywood

"It's going to be a night of partying and heavy drinking or as Charlie Sheen calls it, breakfast," says Gervais. "Everything is 3-D except the characters in The Tourist." That's a Globes-nominated movie--the audience reacts. They also don't like Gervais's suggestion that the Globes accepted bribes to nominate The Tourist.

Earlier today on NPR Gervais promised to do the show with a drink in hand. He suggested that he wouldn't use a script. It does look like he's using the teleprompter though. Folks here at the Fox viewing party are laughing--and groaning. "Scarlett Johannson is "gifted talented and Jewish, Mel Gibson told me that, he's obsessed," says Gervais.

As expected, Christian Bale wins for The Fighter. "What a bunch of characters," he says of the Lowell, MA. family that inspired the film. He also thanks the force behind the movie Mark Wahlberg: "You can only give a loud performance like the one I gave when you have a quiet anchor."