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Green Hornet Early Reviews Are Mixed

by Anne Thompson
January 12, 2011 2:18 AM
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Thompson on Hollywood

The early reviews are in on Michel Gondry and Seth Rogen's Green Hornet and they're all over the place.

Here are indieWIRE's Eric Kohn and Caryn James. And Screen. Harry Knowles finally posts his take, having seen it thrice. Here's Variety:

Reaching even further back than the recent comicbook craze for inspiration, Michel Gondry's "The Green Hornet" feels less like a throwback to the hardboiled era in which the 1930s radio serial was hatched than an homage to buddy-based '80s action comedies. Though the film is a blast, marketing has been a challenge, with Sony fighting bad buzz, date changes and confusion with other better-known, emerald-hued heroes (Green Lantern and Green Arrow). Ironically, that perfect storm allows the team to defy the purists and reinvent the retro vigilante to their rowdy, irreverent specs, delivering the goods for a punchy 3D breakout.

And The Hollywood Reporter:

Leaving behind a long list of previously attached talent from stars George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Jake Gyllenhaal to filmmaker Kevin Smith, the Black Beauty finally roars into theaters this weekend with Seth Rogen and Jay Chou behind the wheel and director Michel Gondry in charge of its course. While the slick vehicle in question -- a seriously pimped-out Chrysler Imperial -- delivers the awe-inspiring goods, The Green Hornet itself never achieves sufficient traction to go the blockbuster distance.

And a Twitter review:

ADuralde 9:01pm via Echofon
GREEN HORNET has so much repressed homoeroticism in it, you'd think it was still a @ThatKevinSmith movie.
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1 Comment

  • Sergio | January 13, 2011 12:30 AMReply

    Personally I thought it was a totally unfocused mess, a real debacle. Totally disrespectful of the origins and the tone of the TV show which was a somber, very film noirish TV program (And of course NO ONE can replace the immortal Bruce Lee)

    The good news is that the 3D conversation was really good. And the final 25 minute over-the-top action climax is pretty well done and exciting, though most of it was directed by by 2nd unit director Vic Armstrong

    And oh did I mention that Gondry is one of the most overrated directors around?

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