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HBO Doc Shows Why DA Needed Exiting Sex Crimes Unit Chief Friel's Division in Strauss-Kahn Case

by Anne Thompson
July 3, 2011 11:42 AM
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Thompson on Hollywood

There's no question that my reaction to the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case was influenced by having seen Lisa Jackson's Sex Crimes Unit, which played at the Los Angeles Film Festival before beginning its run on HBO June 20. Jackson got unprecedented access to the respected Unit of the New York District Attorney's office that specializes in sex crimes. You see how the attorneys work under unit chief Lisa Friel, who unexpectedly announced last week that she will be leaving the division.

Wouldn't you if your boss snatched away the highest profile rape case to come your way, one that your division was particularly equipped to handle? This huge loss for the NY D.A's office comes at a time when the NYT is questioning why DA Cyrus Vance decided not to put the delicate Strauss-Kahn case through the Sex Crimes Unit, which has considerable expertise in this area and knows where the pitfalls lie. Vance wanted publicity, and by jove he got it. More details and a trailer for the HBO film is below.

Dana Harris of indieWIRE has been tracking this story and has posted Friel's letter to her friends and colleagues explaining her departure. Friel says that she told her higher-ups this past week that she would be looking for a new job and leaving her post in September, and would continue to work in the unit (but not as chief) if she did not land anything in the private sector by then.

The fact remains that Vance and Co. would have been a lot better off if Friel and her team had handled this investigation, which the French have protested. Now the case may be falling apart.


  • huh? | July 6, 2011 4:19 AMReply

    This headline was totally incomprehensible.

  • George | July 4, 2011 5:47 AMReply

    If only Law and Order: SVU could look at these crimes with the same authenticity. I know this is a documentary. Right now I think the best compelling stories are in True Crime shows. Broadcast just want to keep making silly cop shows. Does not want to adhere to ambitious and authentic crime drama legacy on broadcast.(Crimestory, Hillstreet Blues, Nypd Blue, EZ streets, Boomtown, Robbery Homicide, and The district.

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