Thompson on Hollywood

“Alec Baldwin is not running for mayor of New York—yet,” reports the NYT. The politically ambitious actor plans to finish his role on critically acclaimed 30 Rock and then enroll in a master’s program in politics and government to learn more about what the job entails. He says that despite his fame, he still has a blue-collar mindset:

"There are people who make a lot of money who become rich people, and then there are people who make a lot of money, but they don’t think like rich people do. No matter how much money they have, they are the same from their own upbringing. I would definitely put myself in the latter class."

Meanwhile, political documentarian Michael Moore suggests that Matt Damon should run for presidential office:

I think that he has been very courageous in not caring about who he offends by saying the things that need to be said.

Moore suggested Damon as a presidential candidate during a discussion hosted by the progressive news-site FireDogLake. Damon and Moore hold similarly liberal views (see hilarious TMZ video below). Here's Moore's blog post 30 Years Ago: The Day the Middle Class Died. See Damon's self-mocking episode on Entourage--and we're throwing in the Jimmy Kimmel classic "I'm Fucking Matt Damon."