Cover detail from October 11, 2013, issue of Entertainment Weekly
Cover detail from October 11, 2013, issue of Entertainment Weekly

In this week's Entertainment Weekly (on newsstands October 4), "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, along with director Francis Lawrence and producer Nina Jacobson, sit down with the mag to discuss the upcoming franchise entry, hitting theaters November 22. Interview highlights below.

On striking the right tone between somber and crowd-pleasing in "Catching Fire":

Nina Jacobson: In every scene, we asked ourselves, “How would these people feel if they came back to the Hunger Games?” For real. What happens when you come back from these experiences, not what happens in a movie when you’ve kicked a lot of ass? They would feel as though they had come back as soldiers. They would have all sorts of damage.

Jennifer Lawrence: To have a visual director is an incredible thing, but there are also directors who understand the human, real, gritty reality. I didn’t know both could exist together, but Francis can actually really blend both flawlessly and... [She starts to get emotional.] I can’t look at him, and I won’t look at him!

Francis Lawrence: [Laughs] We’re WASPy about those things. Emotional displays make us uncomfortable.

On Jennifer Lawrence's most challenging day on set:

Jennifer Lawrence: The one that I was dreading the most was probably shooting Katniss’ night terrors. I was so afraid of that scene I showed up to set early.

Josh Hutcherson: And then the moment afterwards we were like, “That was fantastic, are you kidding me?!”

Francis Lawrence: She did it one take one.

Jennifer Lawrence: But don’t you find that that’s a part of it? If I’m not scared to do something, then I’m bored.

Francis Lawrence: Really?! Gauntlet thrown down. [Movies] three and four await!

On Josh Hutcherson's notorious "camouflage" scene in the first "Hunger Games" film:

Josh Hutcherson: [Laughs] That’s one of those things about the jump from a book to a movie. The camouflage of Peeta in the book is not funny, but then when you have me with clay on my face, lying there half dead, and I turn my face to the camera—it’s so laughable. It’s impossible not to laugh.

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