Per IMDb's press release:

These new casting tools give any casting director an easy way to find the right actor for any role while helping actors get jobs. Pro Casting will simplify and enhance the process by which casting directors and filmmakers find the right actor for any role while making it easier for actors to discover and apply for casting notices. 

Using Pro Casting’s suite of frequently requested casting tools, casting directors and filmmakers can post unlimited casting notices, leverage IMDb’s proprietary search technology to narrow submissions by specific criteria such as performance skills and physical attributes, add promising candidates to a personalized list and share their list with anyone via social networks and email. Casting directors can also easily gauge how an actor’s popularity has trended over time via IMDbPro’s new, interactive STARmeter graphs and receive recommendations of actors similar to the ones they are currently viewing. 

With Pro Casting, actors will benefit from new tools designed to help them find their next role. Actors can conveniently update their IMDbPro profile page (their industry resume) with headshots and demo reels and share their page with anyone via social networks and email. 

Actors can also browse and filter through casting notices, apply directly for roles by submitting their customized IMDbPro profile page, and add any person or project they are tracking on IMDbPro to a personalized list. 

"With the new casting features," said Carrie Audino, casting director of "Mad Men," there’s the potential to really discover new actors from IMDbPro. These tools will change list-making forever.”

“The casting business is very fast, especially during pilot season, so I need to access information as quickly as possible,” said casting director Sharon Bialy ("The Walking Dead," "Breaking Bad"). “When I speak to actors and give them advice, I tell them that being a member of IMDbPro is one of the most important things they can do because if their name is being mentioned, I want to quickly be able to look up and access that information.”

“Of the new Pro Casting tools, the thing that excites me the most is the list-making capability," added Bialy, "because one of the jobs of a casting director is to present ideas to the producers and directors, and the ability to easily attach a picture and a couple of credits can make all the difference in the world.” 

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Of course if this works as well as IMDb hopes, more movie job search tools are on the way.