Sharlto Copley Elysium

They shot ruined Earth on the outskirts of Mexico City and the lavish scenes on Elysium in Vancouver (enhanced by VFX from Weta Digital, Image-Engine, which worked on "District 9") and found interesting parallels in terms of class divisions."I'm a visual artist first, " Blomkamp continued. "It's like a western, graveyard kind of Lockheed mind that comes up with this kind of stuff."

But the director said he isn't irresponsible enough to use a popcorn movie to try and make a difference politically. He'd make a documentary if that were his intention. Yet he believes there's nothing wrong with playing with real issues within the backdrop of a unique world and a popular genre. "It's a mirror of how the West is with immigration," he explained. "A lot of people want to help out the rest of the world.... Other people want to close the borders."

This is what makes Blomkamp so exciting as a filmmaker -- the way he combines iconic images with compelling, if witty, narratives as a visual stylist -- and what draws talent to him.

For Damon's part (who participated in the event via a video hookup from Germany), he said he was blown away by "District 9" and jumped at the chance to work with Blomkamp. He was particularly impressed by the director's detailed book of concept art that laid it all out and enabled him to fully embrace the physical challenge of the role.

Meanwhile, Sharlto Copley, the impressive hero of "District 9," returns to play a baddie, the black opps undercover officer assigned to stop Damon. Copley admitted that after working so hard in "District 9" to steer clear of the villainous South African stereotype, he found himself embracing that very stereotype in "Elysium." However, even though this new movie was much more tightly scripted, in the end, his director buddie let him improvise to transform the baddie into something much more unique because of his unpredictable energy.

"You let the Sharlto be Sharlto." And evidently you let the Blomkamp be Blomkamp.

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