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IN THE WORKS: Pressman to Produce Adaptation of Graphic Novel 'Feeding Ground'

by Maggie Lange
May 11, 2012 2:51 PM
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Feeding Ground

Edward R. Pressman, the producer behind "Wall Street," "The Crow," "American Psycho," and "Das Boot," has optioned feature film rights to graphic novel "Feeding Ground."  Screenwriter Carlos Coto will adapt it for the screen and Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (assistant director on "Babel") will make his feature directing debut.

"Feeding Ground" tells the story of a “coyote,” a trafficker of illegal immigrants, forced to smuggle his family into America by crossing the most forbidding part of the Arizona/Mexico border.  This border is a searing no-man’s-land known as “The Devil's Highway.”  Along the way, he clashes with U.S. Border Patrol agents, only to realize that the entire party is being hunted by real monsters that roam the countryside—werewolves.  

“'Feeding Ground' is an intense and terrifying thriller with a subtle but pointed commentary on immigration in modern America,” stated Pressman. “The graphic novel is so cinematic in nature—as soon as I read it, I knew we could make a film that would resonate with a wide audience.”

Pressman is currently in development of a reinvention of his 1994 hit film "The Crow."  Jesse Wigutow ("The Osterman Weekend") will write the reboot, with Javier Gutiérrez ("Before the Fall") helming the project.

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