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IN THE WORKS: Jenkins Out as Thor 2 Director; Sequelitis Spreads To Lincoln Lawyer, Grown Ups & Another Hangover

Thompson on Hollywood By Sophia Savage | Thompson on Hollywood December 7, 2011 at 2:10PM

We were on board for the sake of curiosity when Petty Jenkins was attached to direct "Thor 2." But it's no longer happening due to "creative differences." Jenkins tells THR she parted with Marvel "on very good terms, and I look forward to working with them again." It's hard to imagine the director, who helmed Charlize Theron's "Monster"...
"The Lincoln Lawyer," "Grown Ups," "The Hangover," "Thor"
"The Lincoln Lawyer," "Grown Ups," "The Hangover," "Thor"

- "Monster" director Patty Jenkins was attached to direct "Thor 2," but it's no longer happening due to "creative differences." Jenkins tells THR she parted with Marvel "on very good terms, and I look forward to working with them again." It was always a stretch to imagine the filmmaker on a franchise sequel, but she insisted that she had always loved the superhero genre. Jenkins also noted that "the Marvel guys are so brave in terms of who they choose overall, and I don't think they had any pause about me being a woman." "Thor" director Kenneth Branagh also had the chance to return for the sequel but creative differences kept him away. Who's next?

- Oh joy: "Grown Ups" is getting a sequel, due to its $271 million worldwide gross, not its 10% Tomatomer score. The original writer, Fred Wolf, is in talks to write the second installment; Adam Sandler's attachment depends on the script. Empire Magazine tweeted: "Grown Ups 2 has a writer. We'll do it for them. 'CUT TO: Rob Schneider falling over, and Kevin James taking a dump in a pool.' #massivehit." Need we say more?

- Matthew McConaughey's "The Lincoln Lawyer" is also getting a sequel, in addition to the ABC drama series it spawned. Lionsgate's Michael Burns tells CNBC, "'The Lincoln Lawyer' was a very successful movie for us, and we're developing that with ABC. We're going to do a sequel on 'Lincoln Lawyer' as well." So far, writers John Romano and Michael Connelly are on board for the pilot.

- On the Graham Norton Show, Bradley Cooper (aka "Sexiest Man Alive") continued to tease "Hangover III" while chatting up the DVD release of "The Hangover - Part II." He says they may start shooting in September in Los Angeles, and that "Todd Phillips is working on the script." Norton joked, "$581 million, I imagine someone will make that. Even if it's half as successful, it's worth doing." Three words for Norton: Stop encouraging them!  A while back, Zach Galifianakis shared possible plot details with Rolling Stone.

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