Laika, the Oregon animation studio behind the Oscar-nominated "Coraline" and the upcoming feature "ParaNorman," plans to adapt the upcoming fantasy novel "Goblins." Novelist Philip Reeve's "Goblins" will be published in the UK on April 5, 2012 and in the US in the Fall of 2013.  Mark Gustafson ("The PJs" and the director of animation on "The Fantastic Mr. Fox") will direct the upcoming 3-D, stop-motion adaptation.

"Goblins" tells the story of some ill-mannered and riotous goblins who live in the ruins of Clovenstone Castle and spend their days mindlessly and viciously tormenting neighboring villages.  Soon the looting turns into an enormous magical conflict among giants, cloudmaidens, swamp monsters, treewarriors, and the notorious goblins - and it takes the clever young Skarper to understand the fate of their magical world.