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Indiewire Redesign Goes Live

Photo of Anne Thompson By Anne Thompson | Thompson on Hollywood November 7, 2011 at 10:04PM

Indiewire Redesign Goes Live
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Due warning: Indiewire and its Blog Network, including TOH, are getting a makeover. As many of you know, no site redesign goes smoothly, so expect some wonky weirdness over the next week. Feel free to let me know what’s missing or just plain awful and we will work overtime to get things right.

In the end, the goal is for the spiffy new bells and whistles to make all our cool content easier to find and share. Here’s IW’s Dana Harris on what to expect:

- It’s easier to find content. We have better navigation and tagging that lets us point you directly to popular features like Project of the Day, film acquisitions and the Filmmaker Toolkit.

- There’s more to see. At the risk of geeking out, we have a fantastic new CMS—the system for posting content. It lets the site show more content from across the network, which means we’re able to show Playlist posts next to Indiewire next to Thompson on Hollywood—and all are clearly labeled, so you know who’s talking.

- Favorite sections are new and improved. Box office, reviews, film pages—they’ve gotten prettier and smarter.

- Lots of shiny images. Thanks to the new design, there’s plenty to be seen across the site—and we have new tools that will let us (finally!) build photo galleries.

- The blogs got a makeover, too. All of the network blogs have gone through the redesign and have access to the same CMS as Indiewire proper.

- Criticwire will be back. Criticwire will need some more time before it launches on the new site. In the meantime, we’ll still be collecting critics’ grades and displaying their averages on the homepage.

- There’s a new logo. It’s a big deal to change a logo after 15 years. We did it because we wanted a logo that reflects both the fresh vision we have for the site as well as the core of who we are. As for the spelling, we decided that if we’ve been around for 15 years and people still couldn’t decide how to spell it—Indie Wire, IndieWire, IndieWIRE, indiewire—we’d make it easy on everyone and spell it Indiewire.

- There Will Be Bugs. We’re asking your patience in advance; this is the downside of creating an all-new site. I promise that we’re squashing them as fast as we can.

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Born and raised in Manhattan, Anne Thompson grew up going to the Thalia and The New Yorker and wound up at grad Cinema Studies at NYU. She worked at United Artists and Film Comment before heading west as that magazine's west coast editor. She wrote for the LA Weekly, Sight and Sound, Empire, The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly before serving as West Coast Editor of Premiere. She wrote for The Washington Post, The London Observer, Wired, More, and Vanity Fair, and did staff stints at The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. She eventually took her blog Thompson on Hollywood to Indiewire. She taught film criticism at USC Critical Studies, and continues to host the fall semester of “Sneak Previews” for UCLA Extension.