"It's a dramatic Shakespearean bed-switching comedy with a certain emotional gravity behind some of the incredible lighthearted buffoonery, so it feels rooted in something. And I also love the idea that people can do some dumb, crazy things and maybe be a little bit forgiven for it. We felt that was a nice anchor."

In our interview, Shelton talks about her ongoing collaboration with Duplass (he talks about working with Shelton here) and how she changed gears on "Your Sister's Sister" to accommodate two actresses who were not as confident with improvising as as he is. She explains how she and her crew shoot these extremely intimate movies.

She talks about why she likes working on such TV shows as "Mad Men" and "New Girl" as well, and how she and the Duplasses fit into the emerging cross-pollinating indie moviemaking model. And she discusses her two upcoming projects, the just-wrapped ensemble "Touchy Feely," starring DeWitt, Ellen Page, Ron Livingston and rising star Scoot McNairy ("Killing Them Softly"), which she pushed to the front burner after the delay of another project, her first film based on someone else's screenplay, Andrea Siegel's "Laggies," which she still plans to shoot later on with Paul Rudd and Rebecca Hall. Hollywood has approached Shelton, and she is willing to listen. But she's tuned in to her own drummer. It's worked for her so far.