TOH: You evoked a changing mood throughout the film as Firth's character becomes more insistent.  What did you do to achieve this?

RF: I think the circumstances helped. That someone reappears three days in a row, without changing his clothes, shaving or seemingly sleeping, making the same request and having that request denied, is incredibly frustrating for all the characters. Steve knows the rules of etiquette, what is expected and how one is supposed to make friends. He is doing everything right, so can't understand why it is all going so wrong.

His tactics change too. Initially he is adopting a familiar role play that is almost impossible to refuse, and is awarded a decent amount of social interaction. His second attempt is mistimed, he hasn't realized that there is an 'appropriate' amount of time that should be left between visits (let alone the lack of genuine reason) and so is 'punished'. He finally resorts to physically forcing his way in, thereby breaking all the taboos of 'visiting'. He is also intent on getting to what he sees as the 'master seat' at the table, so moves from the bottom seat to the side to the head, where he feels he belongs, as the acts progress, in order to sit in command over the two at the end.

TOH: "Steve" is your directorial debut.  What was your first directing experience like?

RF:  I loved it more than anything. I feel so very lucky to have had the chance to work with so many incredible people on something I am very proud of.

TOH: Do you have any upcoming projects as a director planned?
RT: I recently completed work on a music video for MOBO winners Karios 4tet, with Omar, one of my favorite vocalists, guesting, which was a fantastic experience although pretty seat-of-pants fast as we only got two takes of the song to get what we needed! There is a short and a feature I would love to make that are awaiting finance, and I am writing another feature at the moment.

"Steve" premieres this Friday as part of the Stars in Shorts seires, presented by Shorts HD.