'Delivery Man'
'Delivery Man'

Judging from the early reviews below, DreamWorks' "Delivery Man" is not your usual Vince Vaughn entry. The question is what risk DreamWorks took casting the toxic comedian in Ken Scott's earnest redo of his sperm donor comedy "Starbuck," as Vaughn has burned many smart moviegoers over the years. (And some of these reviews are negative.) Variety says the actor reveals his softer side in this movie about what it means to be a parent. DreamWorks is upbeat about the film's chances for a Golden Globe comedy nomination. Check out the reviews below. 


In the 17 years since “Swingers,” Vince Vaughn has cultivated the comedic persona of an obnoxious and insensitive boor, so it may come as a surprise to learn that “Delivery Man” reveals a softer side entirely. As David Wozniak, the world’s most fertile sperm donor, the star plays someone who’s overwhelmed as opposed to merely overwhelming. It’s a welcome change, though a significant marketing challenge as well, considering DreamWorks has almost no way of letting audiences know that “Delivery Man” is virtually nothing like a Vince Vaughn movie, but rather a heartfelt celebration of the act of parenthood presented under radically exaggerated circumstances.

The Hollywood Reporter:

Thanks to some potent performances, led by Vince Vaughn in a decidedly change-of-pace, reflective turn, this Disney release proves lightly entertaining in spite of its more heartfelt tendencies.

The Wrap:

Writer-director Ken Scott, who also made the original film, writes himself in circles to keep the whole plot deception going, to the point where it seems David’s only reason to remain anonymous is that, now that news of the lawsuit has hit the media, there’s public ridicule of “Starbuck” as a chronic masturbator. And the whole owing-money-to-mobsters subplot, which only rarely even comes up, gets settled so lickety-split you might miss the resolution during a popcorn run.

Corn is all you’re getting from “Delivery Man,” unfortunately, and it’s a particularly stale batch.


I don't have a nice way to say this, Vince. For the next 90+ minutes, Delivery Man continuously goes on to shovel the sloppiest, most useless, and fakest syrup of self-gratifying and self-serving sludge this side of every single Adam Sandler movie for the past decade and even a few of the bad late-90's Robin Williams saccharin-stuffed trainwrecks. The movie is Click bad. This movie is Jack bad. This movie rivals Patch Adams for manufactured emotional garbage. I'm sorry to say it, bro, but your new movie is terrible. You're going to win the award of "worst film of the year" from this website twice in a row.